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Leaf is proud to announce the return of one of the most exciting multi-sport products in the industry with 2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports! Look for an exciting mix of legends, young stars and superstars across all sports!

>>> Each sealed box contains THREE Premium Hits.

*INK TO THE PAST: A dual autographed insert set featuring past and future legend!
*INK TO THE FUTURE: A 3 player signature card featuring generations of legends!
*THE EXCEPTIONAL ONES: Single player jumbo patch card featuring amazing one of only one crazy patches, logos and tags!! Look for The Exceptional Ones from Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and David Beckham!
*"THE OCHO": An 8 player memorabilia card from all spectrums of sports!
*ULTIMATE RING TEAM: An 8 player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends were the foundations for a championship season!
*THE ULTIMATE MEMORABILIA 3: A three player triple memorabilia set featuring patch, jersey and other amazing memorabilia!
*ULTIMATE SPORTS MAGAZINE: Amazing and unique signature magazine covers featuring legendary moments in time.
*ULTIMATE AUTO MEMORABILIA: A single player autographed memorabilia card featuring sports standouts
*THE BEAUTIFUL GAME USED: A single player dual relic memorabilia card featuring stars and legends of the beautiful game
*SPORTS ALMANAC: A 4 player memorabilia card featuring yearly sports milestones from sports legends!
*ULTIMATE FAT PATCH: A Jumbo sized patch card! Featuring stars and heroes
*ULTIMATE MEMORABILIA 6 AND 8: Multi player memorabilia cards featuring HOF legends, superstars and sports heroes
*MOUNT RUSHMORE: A 4 player 4 swatch memorabilia card featuring pillars of sports
*ULTIMATE SPORTS ICONS: A single 4 player relic memorabilia card featuring simply the greatest sports icons of all time!
*THE FABLED 4: 4 legends share this amazing quad memorabilia card!
*THE ULTIMATE DUO: A 2 player memorabilia card featuring an amazing duo!
*ULTIMATE X SIGNATURE RELICS: A single player 4 swatch autographed memorabilia card featured on acetate technology! Featuring shining stars of the sporting world
*ULTIMATE X AUTOGRAPHS: A single player signature card featured on clear acetate technology!
*ULTIMATE X SIGNATURE TRIO: Triple signed card on beautiful acetate
*ULTIMATE SIGNATURES: Signature set featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport!
*ULTIMATE FUTURES: Signature set featuring heroes and legends of sports!
*ULTIMATE SIGNATURES MULTI: Signature sets featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport!
*LEAF Q NUMEROLOGY: A single Player auto memorabilia card hand number to the players legendary uniform number
*THE IMMORTAL 4 SIGNATURES: A foursome of Awesome legendary signatures!
*THE FOUR SPORTSMAN: Another Amazing Quartet of signatures sports heroes!
*CHAMPIONSHIP NUCLEUS: A trio of stars that lead their franchise to a championship are featured on this triple memorabilia card!